Okay, okay, I know it’s undignified for a Dom to do a happy dance. But screw it! I just got the cover art for “Time for Clocks and Demons” and am thrilled! Click the Dark Eden Press tab above if you want to see it. I can hardly wait until December 15th, when it is … More Whooppee!

Writing Like Mad!!!

Just this week, I celebrated finishing my first full novel by starting another one. The new one is a paranormal tale with some twists. Here’s an un-edited teaser: Paulson’s Pawn Finally! It was closing time and he could lock up. After pulling the blinds, making sure the security cameras were working and moving the cash … More Writing Like Mad!!!

Rejection Pledge

I just found the 2006 Rejection Pledge on the Absolute Write Water Cooler forum and love the idea. Here’s the gist of it: Rejections can sometimes suck the wind right out of our sails. However, I propose we turn the process of gathering rejection slips into something positive. I am proposing a Rejection Pledge. Here … More Rejection Pledge

Back from a Reunion!

I attended my first high school reunion last week and am just now getting back into the swing of writing again. Let’s take a quick inventory of what is going on at this point. My trilogy “Time for Clocks and Demons” is being edited and is scheduled for December 15th release at Dark Eden Press. … More Back from a Reunion!