Idiots and Cowards on School Boards!

The latest in the censorship stupidity at high schools is from Charleston, West Virginia. The school board just banned two more novels. I think my readers will enjoy the rebuttal letter to the editor that the author wrote. In other news, I had a marvelous holiday weekend with old friends and am looking forward … More Idiots and Cowards on School Boards!


Well, I was up half the night but it was worth it! I just wrapped up the first draft at 50,141 words! Now it is time to relax, maybe get a little sleep and then work on fleshing out some thin parts and adding some more character details.

Sleep is Good!

And believe me, I’m going to grab some sleep, today. I got up to 41,116 words yesterday evening. Only a few more days until company arrives, so I think that Sunday is going to be a marathon session to wind up the tale. I can see some of the closing scenes now.  I hope the … More Sleep is Good!

37246 on NaNo

Yesterday evening, after dinner, I managed to push it to 37246. I actually have several ideas of where I want it to go, but was torn between sequence of scenes. After wasting more than an hour, spinning my wheels, it dawned on me that I was trapped in editing hell! So, I decided to hell … More 37246 on NaNo