Something to Celebrate!

Well, I got my first rejection email this morning. No, no… this is something to celebrate. It means that I’m on my way towards the goal I had set for myself. The goal is simple. In the coming year, I’m either going to get contracts on two novels or collect at least 60 rejection slips.

Cover Blurb

The fourth editing pass is now done on Guardian Dawn and I just finished the cover blurb. Tell me. Would this make you want to read it? ~ Cover Blurb ~ Enemies in our nation’s capitol plan to spread terror with multiple attacks and let our own fears push us into a blind panic. Their … More Cover Blurb

Coming Soon!

My first eBook is being published next week! You’ll be able to grab it on December fifteenth and that same day, I’ll be online most of the afternoon and evening. There’s going to be a loop chat at Love Romances Cafe and I’ll also be logged into Yahoo Messenger from time to time. Feel free … More Coming Soon!

I Hate MySpace!

It is official! I’ve had it! Every time I have tried to play nice and get along with MySpace, it turns into a PITA. Their editing tools suck green ones and for the last three days, every time I login, I got a VERY annoying popup that could not be ignored. That was the last … More I Hate MySpace!

Company Has Left!

Well, the last of my company left this evening and I’m trying to dig my way out of a couple of hundred emails. This coming week is going to be spent on editing Guardian Dawn and if all goes well, I hope to work on Northborough Manor, which is my time-travel tale. In discussions with … More Company Has Left!