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Everything is ON SCHEDULE! “New Ickford Manor” Go medieval. The hard way. Lush feasts, sword play and pageantry were only fantasies until nature’s fury casts a group of renaissance enthusiasts into the reality of medieval England. This group, who used to spend their weekends only pretending to be feudal lords and ladies, live the dream … More For Immediate Release:

Book Wars

Those of us that love small bookstores have been griping about the way the big chains have been driving them out of business for awhile now. In a way, it is gratifying to see the big chains are now trying to kill off their competitors. From this MSN article: “Barnes & Noble is really complicit … More Book Wars

Censorship in Boston

It seems the Boston free WiFi downtown isn’t so free. Here’s what one person found while attempting to use their network. From his article: “Disturbingly, I could not access many government web sites that inform me of my rights and responsibilities as a citizen, the punishments for various crimes, or available government services.” You can … More Censorship in Boston