For Immediate Release:

April 29, 2008

Everything is ON SCHEDULE!

“New Ickford Manor”

Go medieval. The hard way.

Lush feasts, sword play and pageantry were only fantasies until nature’s fury casts a group of renaissance enthusiasts into the reality of medieval England.

This group, who used to spend their weekends only pretending to be feudal lords and ladies, live the dream in a time rife with bloody power struggles and sexual dominance. Yet amidst the battles and turmoil, they learn how much – and how little — times have changed by discovering love and friendship in NEW ICKFORD MANOR.

Once Upon A Bookstore, Lyrical’s bookstore, will go live with our very first releases around 8pm on the night of May 4th.

The Lyrical Press main site will be updated around the same time, with Buy Now links added and active to get a jump-start on sales for our ‘official’ launch on May 5th.

Amazon Kindle, All Romance eBooks: Our May releases will go live on those sites on the night of May 4th.


Mortaine’s Blog

April 22, 2008

This lady not only owns, but has used a bunch of the popular readers and gives a pretty fair review of them in this article.

Quick Note

April 20, 2008

As a goatherd learns his trade by goat, so a writer learns his trade by wrote. – Anon


Book Wars

April 18, 2008

Those of us that love small bookstores have been griping about the way the big chains have been driving them out of business for awhile now. In a way, it is gratifying to see the big chains are now trying to kill off their competitors. From this MSN article:

“Barnes & Noble is really complicit in pushing the industry to emphasize blockbusters and best-sellers,” says indie author April Hamilton, who has successfully self-published two novels using tools provided by Horowitz says Barnes & Noble has contributed to “homogenizing America’s tastes.”

After watching the super chains like Walmart, Target, Home Depot, etc. kill off many small town stores, I know that such market forces are inevitable… But ARE they? Perhaps, what we are seeing in epublishing is a change in the paradigm?

This is something that should be important to all of us genre writers and publishers. What have you found or where do you think we’re going?


Censorship in Boston

April 17, 2008

It seems the Boston free WiFi downtown isn’t so free. Here’s what one person found while attempting to use their network. From his article:

“Disturbingly, I could not access many government web sites that inform me of my rights and responsibilities as a citizen, the punishments for various crimes, or available government services.”

You can read all the gory details on this MIT website.

My thanks to my friend at Mentilucent for bringing this to my attention.


ShibariCon V Announcement

April 13, 2008

Courtesy announcement by permission:

ShibariCon V

May 23 – 26, 2008

The 5th Annual ShibariCon is being held in Chicago, IL over Memorial Day weekend (May 23rd – 26th) and draws an international crowd.
ShibariCon is the world’s premier annual exhibition and conference that focuses on education and information exchange among lovers of Japanese rope bondage. Many of the world’s well-known rope riggers, teachers, authors, models and web site hosts are there. I would highly encourage everyone to head over to the ShibariCon site, (http://www.shibaric, as the discounted registration for
ShibariCon ends on Friday April 25th, 2008.

We have some amazing presenters this year, including old favorites like Mark Yu, Tatu, Jim Duvall, Lochai, SxySadist, Mike West, Sir C, and Mark of DV8 House. We are also excited to welcome Lee Harrington, Jay Wiseman, Mick & Dee Luvbight, Scott Smith, LqqkOut, and Max of bondagelessons. com, who were not on the teaching roster last year.

These presenters are a small sample of the over 40 presenters that will be teaching a myriad of classes for everyone from the greenest beginner to the seasoned bondage rigger. One of ShibariCon’s
hallmark is its cooperative nature. It’s chock-full of good workshops on multiple tracks, and all those presenters go out of their way to be accessible during the breaks and in the dungeon for questions and consultations.

In addition to learning opportunities, there will be special events hosted by Graydancer, 3 magnificent nights of play, a fabulous pre con trip on Thursday, May 22nd to the Anderson Japanese Gardens hosted by Shevah & Tatu, a traditional tea hosted by Tatu, and lots of fabulous vendors selling everything from rope & toys to corsets & shoes. We even have a Japanese wedding taking place at the event this year. 2008 will be a very special year for ShibariCon 5.

This is definitely going to be an amazing year that you do not want to miss. Until April 25, Registration is only $185 for 4 days of fun, learning and, of course, plenty of rope. Day Passes are available for Friday 5/23, Saturday 5/24, and Sunday 5/25. REGISTRATIONS WILL CLOSE AFTER 5/18/08, So don’t delay!

ShibariCon 5 is being held at the beautiful Hyatt Regency O’Hare, which is easily accessible by both public transportation and car, along with a free shuttle running from O’Hare International Airport right to their front door. They have also graciously offered ShibariCon attendees a discounted room rate, so get yours before they are gone!

As a side note – IML (International Mr. Leather) is held a few miles away on the same weekend. IML is probably the largest BDSM “Title” event in the country, drawing thousands of contestants and attendees each year, and this is IML’s 30th anniversary. It’s another great reason to go to Chicago – the IML vendor fair is an easy train ride away. http://www.imrl. com/

Over 90 Great Classes, 2 great events in one city, great hotel, 3 nights of great dungeon play, great people – What more could you want out of a great weekend of great kink?

Personal comment:

I keep tellin’ ya… if ya wanna have a reputation ya can live down in yer old age, ya hafta work hard at it, now!


Every year, there is a Cherry Blossom Festival in DC.

My good friend, Stephanie Burke, her family and friends decided to attend and I grabbed a couple of pictures.


Convention Swag

April 12, 2008

I have been working on a series of book thongs to use as promotional items at conventions and book signings. Since my first novel, New Ickford Manor has a medieval theme, this is the first sample:

In the Viking tradition, Thor guarded the world with his mighty hammer, Mjööllnir which means crusher or destroyer. Thor’s Hammer was used by Vikings and later by many others as a piece of jewelry.

Those wearing it believed it would protect them from danger. An iron Thor’s hammer excavated in Yorkshire was dated to ca. AD 1000 and bears an unical inscription as well as a cross. This would indicate an owner blending both pagan and Christian symbols. Many similar ones in silver have been
found all over northern Europe.

It is well known that no person of any consequence has ever been struck by lightening while wearing a Thor’s Hammer.


Microsoft made the Yahoo board of directors a buy-out offer that was 64% over market value. The board rejected it. Now, the software giant is taking it to the streets by giving the Board three weeks to accept or counter-offer. Is it just me, or do you see Yahoo getting sucked up by Micro$oft as an evil thing?