New Ickford Manor just got another good review at the Dark Divas Review site.

It looks like I’m going to have to work on a sequel sometime soon.

From the review:

“Anthony Steven’s e-novel New Ickford Manor was a excellent story, with historical accuracy this reviewer could not argue with and some spicy, sexy bondage scenes to boot, always a favorite with me… this reviewer gives New Ickford Manor four and one half Delightful Divas.”


Oh my goodness! ‘Time for Clocks and Demons’ just got a GREAT review at ParaNormal Romance.

“If you are a lover of BDSM erotica, you will love this trilogy. It is extreme in some sections, beyond heated, and I highly enjoyed every second of it.” – From the review

This is very encouraging. I’m some more tales in the works.

Time for Clocks and Demons showcases a trio of intense tales that are sure to heat up your evening.

Once for knowledge, twice for surprise, thrice for pleasure.

  • A spoiled little rich girl is hypnotized and taught a lesson in craftsmanship, erotic humility and submission by the Clockmaker.
  • In The Weekend, a husband enslaves his wife for a short vacation involving stringent bondage, display and forced orgasms.
  • And finally, Three Demon Night sends newlyweds on a Caribbean honeymoon. Their surprise wedding gift includes a dimensional traveler, some really sexy succubi and incubi, and more raw sex than they imagined possible.

Warning: This book contains bondage and extreme sex.

There’s a new social networking site in town. It’s called NING and we have an Urban Fantasy page to play with if you enjoy such things. Lyrical Press also has a networking site there.

Nice Big Gun

June 13, 2008

This weapon looks sorta like the handguns carried by the crew of the Firefly class ship, Serenity.

And if you’re tracking werewolves, you just might want to try some silver bullets.

New Ickford Manor

June 4, 2008

Is available in print! You can order it from Once Upon A Bookstore right now. Feel free in passing the word to anyone that would like the feel of a real book instead of reading on the screen.

I’ve been following a few web-comics for awhile now and Crimson Dark has proven to be surprisingly good. If you enjoy a good SciFi tale and very creative use of 3D graphics, check it out. Here is a video compilation of his first two years of comics.

Promotional Video

June 2, 2008

I must admit to being lazy on several of these. Looks like I’ll have to spend some time coding this weekend.

Thanks to Morgan for this kick-start!