Another Great Review!

September 30, 2008

My very first published work is a trilogy of short erotica called “Time for Clocks and Demons” and it just got a wonderful review from Krystal over at Manic Readers.

“Each story was sexy in its own right. They are all stories of bondage and some S&M. All wildly creative and with stories so different than many others I have read.”

Thanks, Krystal!


I was just notified of not one, but two great reviews for Guardian Dawn, the first book in the Common Ground series.

Sarai, over at Bitten by Books had this to say:

“I have to say Anthony Stevens had me doubting for a bit that he could pull this off, but boy did he deliver.” – She gave it four out of five tombstones.

Stephanie B. over at Fallen Angels Reviews had this to say:

“Part of the group can communicate with animals and part of the group can work miracles with technology, but only by working together will they be able to defeat the terrorist bent on destroying the American way… Guardian Dawn: Common Ground Book 1 by Anthony Stevens is an interesting look at how a group of mismatched civilians with unusual talents can bring down terrorist plots.”

Ann’s Wings N Things

September 20, 2008

Friday evening, my wife expressed a yearning for some good fried chicken. Since it seems to be in real short supply inside the Beltway, I did a web search for diners and dives and found a likely candidate about a half hour south of us.

Around noon on Saturday, we arrived at 3349 Jefferson Davis Hwy. This is US1 on the north side of Stafford, Virginia.

This is a real, old-fashioned home-cookin’ restaurant.

I got dark-meat fried chicken with mashed potatoes, gravy and green beans. My wife got white meat with mashed potatoes, gravy and southern-style greens. They both came with a nice chunk of corn bread. We washed it down with lemon-sweet ice tea. Tax, tag & tip, the whole bill came to about $22.

The moment we walked in the door, we could tell from the wonderful aromas coming out of the kitchen that this was our kind of place. Do NOT expect fancy silverware or reserved seating.

The decor can best be described as early yard sale and the food is served in styrofoam clamshell platters. It is all made fresh on the premises. We got a smile, a greeting and were asked if everything was good by everyone that saw us. The place is FRIENDLY!

The owner is a lovely lady who came out of the kitchen to see how things were doing. She told us she had been in that place for more than 40 years!

Don’t let the outside fool ya! This is good eating and if you’re in the area, you owe it to yourself to stop by. They also do a lot of catering.

Book Signing Gathering

September 14, 2008

You not-so-humble author is proud to be a member of the DC Author Alliance. On Saturday, September 13th, we had a double book-signing.

The first signing was at the Fr. Meade, MD Post eXchange or PX. For those who aren’t familiar with military life, almost all military bases have an exchange which is sort of like an on-base discount house. Inside, they look something like a smaller WallyWorld.

The second signing was held at the Columbia, MD Borders. We all had a great time and I even had the pleasure of meeting a couple of fans that had already purchased and read some of my work.

Everyone that purchased one of our books got a free gift bag with some small mementos from each of the authors. My donation in each case, was a lovely book thong that had been handmade by my lovely wife, Brenda.

At each of the locations, we raffled off a huge gift basket with more than $350 worth of goodies.

Our showcased authors at the PX and starting on the back row, left to right are:

Jean Marie Ward ~ Eve Vaughn ~ D. Renee Bagby ~ Melissa Schroeder ~ Dana Marie Bell ~

The front row: Stephanie Burke ~ Anthony Stevens

The picture above shows the winner of the gift basket and her prize. As you can see, she got a nice surprise to take home with her book purchases.

I would like to take a moment to thank the management team at the Columbia Borders for making our visit a joy. Everything went like clockwork. When we walked in the door, the first thing that caught the eye was an end-cap display of all our books. They have been selling them for the last few days, even before the signing. If you are in the area and would like an autographed copy of any of our works, there *might* be a few left. Say ‘hi’ and tell them Anthony Stevens sent you.

The Big Bomb!

September 7, 2008

One of the destructive devices mentioned in Guardian Dawn, is an ex-Soviet nuclear weapon described as 50 Megaton. The story’s fictitious weapon is based on the real Tsar Bomba that was detonated back in 1961. You can follow the links if you would like to know more.

Here is the Wikipedia Info.

Here is a clip showing the original 50 Megaton blast.

Even today, the Google Map location shows a green, glassy melt zone over 500 foot acrossed and a totally barren and burnt landscape about 20 miles wide.

If you want to see a more modern device, this video clip is very pretty, but really, really scary!

Guardian Noon Cover!

September 2, 2008

Guardian Noon has a great new cover. Renee Rocco has done it again and I couldn’t be prouder.

Just in case you’re wondering, Guardian Noon is the 2nd book in the Common Ground series and will be released on November 17th.