Book Signing

Four of our brave authors gathered at The Parkside in Baltimore, on Saturday for a book signing and a wonderful gathering it was! Between bouts of riotous laughter, excellent beer and chilling tales from Romantic Times, Romance Writers of America, BaltiCon, Philcon, DragonCon and others, I managed to grab a few pictures. In this picture, … More Book Signing

A Sad Day

I just found out that today, two legends of the entertainment field have passed on. Farah Fawcett and Michael Jackson are no longer with us.


As usual, the gathering of the Fen for Memorial Day weekend in Baltimore was more fun than a stoned ferret. I was there on Friday and Saturday and sat in on a couple of panels as well as a signing and a reading. My thanks to those brave souls that put up with the first … More BaltiCon