Austin Grill is Great!

July 31, 2009

If you happen to find yourself in the DC Beltway area, I’d recommend you grab a meal at one of the Austin Grilles. There are nine of them so far and we’ve enjoyed a couple of great meals at the one out in Centerville.

We had a delicious burrito dinner this evening served by Sonia Webster. She is also an accomplished photographer.

I have some more of this tale to tell as soon as I get the rest of the contact information.

Thanks for another great meal, you guys!


The Truth of it ALL!

July 31, 2009

Great Country Cookin’

July 21, 2009

I was up in Pennsylvania this past weekend and had lunch at a wonderful place called “The Hidd’n Valley Restaurant”. You can find it about seven miles south of Orbisonia, on Route 522. The address is:

22612 Crogham Pike, Shade Gap, PA 17255

If you happen to find yourself around Orbisonia, PA, do yourself a favor and stop in for an order of their fried chicken.

In case you’re wondering what I was doing in that part of the country, here’s a hint:

Antique Trolly

Yep. That is an old trolly car and you can ride it for a small fee.

1914 Baldwin

That is a 1914 Baldwin Steam Locomotive and it pulls daily duty as a tourist hauler. If you get a chance and you like steam engines, stop by the East Broad Top Railroad and be amazed.