Back From BalitiCon!

May 31, 2010

I survived another BaltiCon and had a blast! As usual, some things worked and somethings didn’t. With all my planning and packing, I left my tripod at home, so we never did get the video interviews. I did take 158 still pictures.

My good friend, Stan has given me space on his server for them. You can find them at this link:


BaltiCon Tomorrow

May 27, 2010

BaltiCon 44 starts tomorrow and I’m gathering my goodies. Here’s my schedule, so far.

From 11pm to midnight on Friday, I’ll be giving a reading and answering questions.

Saturday between 1pm and 2pm, I’ll be moderating an Ice Age panel discussion.

Saturday between 5pm and 6pm, I’ll be moderating a panel discussion on What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Saturday between 7pm and 8pm, I’ll be at the book signing table with J. Daniel Sawyer.

A PDF file of the full schedule has been posted to the BaltiCon 44 page. You can download and plan ahead. I already see a half-dozen panels that look like a lot of fun. If you see me wandering the halls, say hello! I’m a friendly and garrulous sort.

Also, I’m planning on interviewing two fine authors and taking a few hundred pictures. Stay tuned for the highlights, this coming week.

If you have any interest at all in creating independent video productions, then you need to check out this new group. By independent productions, I mean anything from a simple book trailer to a full-length movie.

The Creative Commons Film Group is dedicated to using Free and Open Source tools to help visual artists achieve their dreams.  From the webpage:

“We want to bring together all the people that make movies so that they can help each other in a very helpful and friendly way.”