Guardian Dawn is Available!

February 12, 2011

After being unavailable for awhile, my urban fantasy thriller Guardian Dawn is once again available.

Guardian Dawn is the first volume in an exciting trilogy from Red Rose Publishing.

Here’s a “PG” rated excerpt:

Corporal Ron Felus had worked hard to become a Marine sniper. It had only been a minute’s work in a ghillie suit to get well hidden between two cars. He had a clear view of the DC3 they had determined was to be the escape ride. Ron had seen the rats coming and was expecting to get severely bitten, but his body armor, helmet and mask would allow him to take care of his job for the next few minutes, at least. The cover fire provided by several barn owls and a half dozen feral cats totally surprised him, but he instantly knew they were there to help. It was much better to ignore that part of the battle and focus on servicing his target.

A moment later, he saw a man with a pistol drag a naked woman to the side of the old goony bird. They were surrounded by a small tide of rats. The terrorist threw the woman to the ground and unlocked the door.

“Cub-five, I have a shot.”

“Green light, I say again, green light!”

He didn’t bother to reply, just let out a partial breath, centered the target and was starting to squeeze the trigger, when the target dropped to the ground. It appeared as if he had been warned at the last possible moment. He scrambled to one side, grabbed the woman by the hair and held her as a living shield. He quickly climbed into the old plane and dragged her in with him. The door was left ajar.

“Cub-five, I lost sight. He has a woman with him and the door appears to be left open for his partner.”

The sniper continued panning his scope, looking for another shot, when he saw movement towards the tail of the aircraft.

“What the hell?” Was his sub-vocal comment as the slender form of the civilian kid, Betty, crept under the belly of the ancient aircraft. She had a trio of large cats following close behind her. She crept under the door, reached up and gently opened it, while crouching, out of the direct line of fire. As soon as the door was wide enough, two of the three cats ran up her back and into the plane.

“Well, I’ll be damned! She has cats trained to be attack dogs. If that don’t beat all,” he muttered.

“We are not dogs. We are her friends. And yours too, if you wish.”

The sniper froze and slowly looked to his side where he recognized two cats, sitting and washing rat blood from their paws.

“You talk?”

“Is that so strange, hunter? That other hunters would be your friends?”

He thought about it for just a second then agreed. “No. I guess not. Thank you, friend.”

“Shouldn’t you be hunting?”

Reminded, his eyes snapped back to the scope and he scanned the plane for his target.

– – –

Guardian Dawn has terrorists, bikers, snipers, shape-shifters and strippers. It contains the joy of young people learning that they are more than they seem coupled with edge-of-your-seat excitement!

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