Big Day Tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 27th is the Grand Opening of Captiva Press! The whole gang is going to be celebrating with an all-day party at The Haunt at PNR. The following is from their homepage: “Pull up a chair and enjoy a chat with your favorite authors and publishers of the hot and scary variety. If you … More Big Day Tomorrow!

Good Breakfast!

We had a delightful breakfast at a local restaurant, this morning. Bentley’s is a very nice place on Route 50, in Falls Church. The service was great and the manager even stopped by to chat for a few minutes. Portions were larger than we expected and perfectly presented. If you find yourself in the area, … More Good Breakfast!

Some Interesting Links

I’ve been super busy the last couple of weeks and haven’t been able to keep up with the blog as much as I’d like. Here’s a few quick links that I found very interesting: Standalone genre books vs sequels or series? The Future of Publishing? A new social network devoted to the Fen? … More Some Interesting Links

Great Customer Service!

I was over at my favorite Borders book store a little while ago. While poking through the computer to see if a new title was available, a lovely young lady asked if she could help. We chatted about various books and she was extremely polite,¬†knowledgeable¬†and helpful. Please take note that this is one of the … More Great Customer Service!


Like everyone who ever spends time surfing the net, I run into things that are really neat and I want to share with my friends. So, I’m going to start adding posts like this one. From now on, when you see the subject line NeatNetNews, the content will be a handful of links that may … More NeatNetNews

Secret Treaty in DC

This is an important article from Boing Boing. It goes against every democratic principle to hold secret negotiations on major legal issues and yet that is what is happening right under our noses. From the article: ACTA is an unprecedented copyright treaty (unprecedented in that it reaches farther than previous copyright treaties, and that it … More Secret Treaty in DC