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Science Fiction – Space Opera

Perfect health, longevity, religious intolerance, political expedience, and aliens… all part of colonizing another world.

Multiplarity is a hundred and seventy thousand word Space Opera with the following books.

Book One covers the development of Omniphage and the subsequent collapse of civilization. When beauty and health are no longer concerns, ignorance and greed may destroy humanity.

Book Two follows the development of a couple avenues of escape with the founding of a lunar colony and a transhumanist world. Even so, perfect health and longevity may not be enough against vacuum, radiation, and terrorism.

Book Three follows the founding of another world and finally meeting aliens. That is if religious intolerance and political expedience don’t condemn us once more.

Multiplarity may be purchased in several eBook formats for only $8.99.

Multiplarity recieved a four star review on Goodreads!

Shifter Shadows

Urban Fantasy

From the dawn of prehistory to an apocalyptic day after tomorrow, shifters and their friends have been in the background of every historical event. Shapechangers, healers, hunters, shamans, and great leaders, have always been around. We recognize the legendary ones, but must always keep in mind that Gomer is a good dog.

Note: This novel is available now for only $6.99.


Payleegrozas01A home invasion triggers a post-grad teacher from California into discovering she has telekinetic abilities.
A tex-mex cartel enforcer finds a kindred soul in his teenage date when they are attacked by militia cowboys.
A trailer-trash transgender submissive is saved from the streets by a food truck Domme.
These women are forced to defend themselves from a corrupt government agent and a psychotic preacher.
In Spanish, peligrosas means dangerous women!

Note: Payleegrozzas is available in several eBook formats for only $3.99.

Uncommon Ground

Urban Fantasy – Horror

A psychotic terrorist launches nuclear, biological, and electronic attacks with the help of thousands of rats.

Julius is a sorcerer who knows he needs a team. A Marine sniper, teenage cosplayers, bikers, and railroad engineers join forces with their animal partners in our defense.

Dark currents eddy around an unlikely band of Guardians. How many must die to prevent apocalyptic destruction?

WARNING: Extreme violence and graphic sex!

Uncommon Ground may be purchased for only $6.99.

Shadows and Shades

Paranormal Romance

The ability to see ghosts  branded her an odd child. Foretelling the deaths of family and friends has tested her ability to love. Can Inara allow herself to love yet again, and break her curse?

Shadows and Shades may be purchased for only $3.99.

Tazia Fahn

Dieselpunk – Noir Thriller

A dieselpunk swashbuckler with a strong heroine, corrupt cops, gangsters, and airships!

The Hindenburg never crashed and giant airships are still a popular mode of travel in this alternate version of history.

Shortly after WWII, an abusive husband, corrupt cops, and gangsters turn a strong young woman into a masked heroine. Airships, biplanes, and gun battles… What’s not to love?

Tazia Fahn may be purchased for only $3.99.

Shibari Sails

Modern Erotic Adventure

Shibari Sails is all about piracy and pleasure in the Caribbean. From Palm Beach to the West End, Shibari Sailes provides unforgettable vacations for wealthy patrons

Captain Vanessa Fullright is a poor little rich girl from south Florida with a beautiful motor-sail yacht and a desperate need to feel the freedom of the open sea. A couple of years in prison for something that wasn’t her fault will do that to a person.

Her trusted crew has a traitor that might send them all to Davy Jones’ locker. Can an ex-con, a Navy SEAL, a stripper, a pro-domme and The Baitman fill a niche for expensive fetish adventures in the islands, learn to trust again, and avoid watery graves?

Warning! Graphic multi-racial sex and BDSM situations!

Shibari Sails may be purchased for only $3.99.

Turkey Creek Ghost

Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy

A psychotic ex-boyfriend threatens Dani and Ranger Rick in the lush beauty of a state park. Can Abinormal and her Grandma Lupe save them?

Turkey Creek Ghost may be purchased for only $3.99.

Miss Mystery

Super Heroine Adventure – FREE READ

A hard-working coed interrupts an armed burglar and discovers she has super powers.

This is a free read on Wattpad!

Marty Roberts Romance

Marty Roberts is going through a stressful divorce when he meets a ghost.

This is a short story for less than a buck!

~~~ A STAGE PLAY ~~~

Marty Roberts is now available as a stage play script!

If you’re interested in producing a paranormal romance for the stage, send an email with Marty Roberts as the subject line. I will be happy to send you a text file for consideration.

email: masteranthonystevens [at] gmail [dot] com

More tales are coming soon!