An Author’s Journey

Multiplarity is a hundred and seventy thousand word Space Opera with the following books.

Book One: Omniphage

This covers the development of the cure-all drug Omniphage, and the subsequent collapse of civilization. When beauty and health are no longer concerns, ignorance and greed may destroy humanity.

Book Two: Selenaphiles

This follows the development of a couple avenues of escape with the founding of a lunar colony and a transhumanist world. Even so, perfect health and longevity may not be enough against vacuum, radiation, and terrorism.

Book Three: Micasians

This follows the founding of another world and finally meeting aliens. That is if religious intolerance and political expedience don’t condemn us once more.

Multiplarity may be purchased in several formats for only $8.99.

Multiplarity recieved a four out of five stars review on Goodreads!

Almost as much fun as the novels themselves, is the story of how they started and what went into their development. Click each title below for the full post.

An Author’s Journey: Part One

An Author’s Journey: Part Two

An Author’s Journey: Part Three

An Author’s Journey: Part Three and a Half

An Author’s Journey: Part Four

An Author’s Journey: Part Five

Some of the data may have aged over the last couple of years. I expect I’ll be expanding on the art and business of self-publishing in the near future.

There will be more to come and as always, please leave some comments.