Moving Day!

July 27, 2013

This is it! The last day I’ll be able to work with my desktop for the next month or so.

I’m retiring and moving from the DC area to south Florida. That will mean more time to write, edit, take photos, and relax.

I’ll still be available via email, but I hate touch-screen typing on the smartphone, so response might be a bit slow.

Hope everyone is having a great summer!


Old City, New Blood

February 11, 2013

The convention was a lot of fun. I want to thank Jennifer Morris for putting on a great first-time event. Just in case you think it is all fun and games, this is what a convention looks like three hours before registration.







The sun was setting as a bevy of beauties headed over to attend the Meet-n-Greet.







The Meet-n-Greet on Friday evening was a great chance to network with some marvelous people.





Here’s a shot from the first panel, on Saturday morning:





Since meeting these ladies, my TBR pile has grown by more than a dozen books. I would highly recommend you take a peek at their websites.

I was too busy to take as many shots as I usually do, but will share some more over the next day or so.

Old City, New Blood Raffle

September 26, 2012

The Old City, New Blood convention is an author/reader mini-con, and they are offering…


That’s right, ladies and gentlemen… starting today, you will all have 7 days to hop around from author to author, blogger to blogger, and enter at every stop to win one of 3 FREE REGISTRATIONS to Olde City, New Blood, the upcoming urban fantasy/paranormal romance mini-con in St. Augustine, FL next February.

You can check out the official website for the complete list of Featured Authors (I’ll give you a hint… one of them is ME!!) and Featured Bloggers. There’s also a main contest post with all the participating authors, bloggers, and dates for the contest. It’s super easy. Visit each of the spotlight blog posts and author websites listed, fill out the Rafflecopter link on each one (one entry PER POST, not per day… and yes, they will be checking), and POOF, multiple entries to WIN!!

The prize is one of 3 FREE REGISTRATIONS to see me and about 49 other authors on the sunny beaches of St. Augustine, Florida, from Feb 8th-10, 2013. We’re going to be doing panels, readings, meet & greets, and just generally having a fun weekend with our incredible fans!! Please keep in mind, if you win, you’ll have to cover your own travel and hotel expenses, but your ticket into the party will be on Olde City, New Blood!!!

The contest runs from September 30th – October 6th, and the 3 winners will be announced on September 7th. Don’t forget to click the Rafflecopter link below before you hop off to check out the rest of the contest posts!!

Good Luck, everyone!! I hope to see you ALL in Florida this February.

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Old City, New Blood!

September 12, 2012


I’m going to be attending a brand new convention for readers and authors of Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Paranormal Romance. It’s called Old City, New Blood and will be held February, 2013 in St. Augustine, Florida. Besides the literary shenanigans, there will be a ghost tour of the ancient city and time to play tourist.

I’m going to be participating in several panels and am planning a book signing as well.

This is going to be an incredible amount of fun and I’m hoping to meet some of my fans, face-to-face.

Come on! Join the fun!


Inspiration: Kids

June 18, 2012

While at lunch in a busy buffet, I was people-watching. There was a lady at an adjacent table with two kids. One was a little boy, I’m guessing six or seven years old. His sister was a bit older, probably ten or so.

The boy got up and started marching towards the food with an exaggerated goose-step and swinging of arms. His mom caught him as he passed and quickly whispered some probably sage advice. He nodded and kept on his way, rolling his eyes as soon as she turned away.

He cruised between the food bars and his sister got up and followed him. She caught him, bent over and obviously gave him a sisterly tongue-lashing. He frowned and jerked his head in a quick nod, turned away and got his plate.

His sis watched him start to get some food, then spun on her heel, shrugged her shoulders and gave an exasperated roll of the eyes while on her way back to her meal.

I had to smile at this. There will come a time when I will write that scene into a novel.

What about you? Do you like to people watch and then assign your own stories to the visual cues that are so common around us?


Olde City, New Blood!

June 17, 2012

I just found out about an upcoming event that should be a lot of fun.

There is going to be a gathering of Urban Fantasy and Romance authors and readers in St. Augustine, Florida this coming February eighth to the tenth.

Details are a bit sparce at this point, but I’ll post updates on my plans as soon as possible.

Hope y’all can join us for the party.


Captiva Press Meeting!

March 10, 2011

I met with the Editor in Chief of Captiva Press and the author, Tymber Dalton this past Tuesday. I’ve known and enjoyed working with both of them for several years. This was the very first face-to-face gathering.

Captiva Press is based on the Florida Gulf Coast and I was visiting family on the east coast. We met in the center at Highlands Hammock State Park. If you’re in the area, I would recommend it as a wonderful slice of primitive beauty. Here are a few pictures of our gathering.

A wood sprite?

Very bored alligator…

There will be more to share, later on… After I rest up from the vacation.


On the Road Again!

February 22, 2011

We’re hitting the road south in the next few days! It’s vacation in Florida time again.

For those who don’t know, I was born and raised in south Florida and consider myself a ‘Cracker’.

Besides the fun in getting nice and warm after the winter chillies, I’m looking forward to getting some more nice photos.

One of the highlights of the trip will be a chance to finally get a face-to-face meeting with a couple of my favorite people.  We’re going to have lunch with two of the movers and shakers over at Captiva Press and if the weather holds, I’ll even get some photos to share with my loyal readers.

What’s your favorite get-away-from-it-all spot?




“WBUT13 News! Your voice from Bootstrap and the Three Rivers Area!”

The corny echo effect faded, the overly-colorful logo slid off screen and revealed a living room setting with a pair of love seats, a coffee table and a wingback chair.

The camera zoomed in to frame the young blonde in a pale green skirt and white button-down blouse. She was holding a small clipboard and when the camera had framed her, she spoke.

“Hello everyone. I’m Vicky Adams. Most of you know me as the voice of the morning news. Tonight, I have something different to share.” She paused and glanced off-stage. “Most of us were very surprised to find out that shifters, that is, humans that can take other shapes, are very real and have been with us for many years. Shortly after this revelation, I went looking for some correlation between the urban fantasy stories I’ve been reading and the real deal. And so, for this special Halloween edition of Bootstrap Bonus News, I’d like to welcome some very special guests!”

The camera zooms back out to include the two love seats. As her guests arrive, Vicky stands to shake hands with the men and trade air-kisses with the two young ladies.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s my pleasure to present Miss Marcie Lebeaux…”

The young woman had a stunning figure, blue-black hair past her shoulders and a pixie-like face. She makes the tight jeans, fur boots and a cowboy shirt look good.

“Mr. Samuel Delant…”

The young man was whipcord lean and lightly tanned. He too, shook her hand and nodded at the camera before taking a seat. His too, wore jeans and a cowboy shirt.

“Mr. Marco Martinez…”

He had a dark complexion, short black hair and a body-builder frame. Marco towered over the slender girl by his side. He was in black dress slacks with a white shirt and dark sneakers.

“Miss Sapphire Samuels…”

The other two women on the set were pretty by any standards, but Sapphire stood out. Her figure looked like something from an adult video and she was wearing a spandex minidress that barely supported her breasts and barely covered her assets.

Vicki sat down and leaned forward. “First, I want to thank you for joining us, today. I’ve a ton of questions.”

The four smiled and muttered various glad-to-be-here’s and Vicki continued.

“Let’s start with you, Marcie. Tell me a bit about yourself and how you came to be on our show.”

“Well, the story is really more about Sam. When Anthony asked us to share our story, it really started with Sam. I mean, I’m just another member of the traveler clans. I help my folks collect mineral samples and sell them at gem and mineral shows. When Anthony stopped us on the street, after a show and told us he knew we were shifters, I was amazed. I had never heard of a human that could really see us for what were. Come to find out from my folks, that it is actually pretty common, but that most folks just ignore it.”

Vicki nodded. “What about you, Sam? How did you and Marcie get together?”

He shrugged and looked embarrassed. “Well, she helped me through a rough spot with my stepfather and since then… Well, let’s just say I couldn’t live without her.”

“I believe your story has been published?”

“Yes. It’s the first tale in a two-part book called Shifter Born, released this spring from Red Rose Publications. Would you like to hear an excerpt?”

Vicki clapped her hands in glee. “Oh my! Yes! Of course we’d love to hear a bit of your tale.”

Marcie picked some notes on a clipboard and started reading.

Frank was grinning like a fool. It was illegal to hunt deer at night and here was a whole pack of folks getting ready to do it. Not only that, but it looked like this priest was running an illegal hunting camp. He did wonder what they were going to use for the hunt, since there were no rifles that he could make out. Several of his shots would be good quality with all the bright light they had around that stage. It looked like a couple of campfires had been setup, along with some charcoal grilles, but none of these had been lit, yet.

The photographer let his attention slip during the prayer but it snapped back a moment later when he saw first the preacher and then about a dozen others getting undressed.

“What th’ kinky hell is goin’ on?” Frank murmured to himself. This didn’t stop him from taking shot after shot as some of the gypsies walked back to the campers and others were getting naked. There were several very pretty women, but one absolutely stunning young woman had black hair that flowed past her shoulders. She and her boyfriend were also stripping. Well aware of the fact that sex sells, he made sure to get plenty of her images. He stopped, yanked the memory card from his camera, replaced it with an empty one and kept shooting.

Father Phil was standing, naked and with his arms folded, watching the others. Frank made sure he got several shots of that pose. It would not go over well with his church leaders, but it would surely make Frank a ton of cash.

Once more he focused on the raven-haired beauty and her boyfriend. “Damn! She has great tits.” He muttered. At that instant, she gave her boyfriend a quick kiss and the pair of them squatted down. They seemed to glow a bright blue for just a second and before his camera could adjust there was a large gray wolf and a sleek black leopard in their place. Frank’s jaw dropped wide open. He tried to refocus and then realized that there were a whole series of blue flashes and in every case, the humans were gone and had been replaced with some wild beast. A few of the ones that kept their clothing sat sipping drinks, smiling, pointing and commenting on the changes their friends and family were experiencing.

His heart in his throat, Frank kept shooting, more from habit and reflexes than anything else. There were huge dogs that he recognized as Deerhounds, more leopards and wolves and even a black bear.

As the last of them ran, bounded and loped out of the light and into the woods, he began to understand.

That was when it dawned on him. His escape path led through the woods and back up a quarter mile of uphill country road to his car. All the beasts had run deeper into the woods, but he remembered the preacher saying they could hunt the pastures as well. Those pastures were between him and the safety of his car.

Vicki sat back. “My goodness, that sounds exciting.”

“Thank you. We have enjoyed it, after the fact, that is.”

The announcer switched her attention to the other couple. “What about you, Sapphire? What’s your story?”

“You know the young boy who was kidnapped awhile back? It was in all the papers and his father was caught and the boy was rescued down by the riverside park?”

“Yes, of course. Were you involved in that?”

“Actually, that was just part of the story. Now that we’re not hiding anymore, I can admit the confidential informant the police wouldn’t discuss was me.”

“Here in the newsroom, we heard rumors of a costumed superheroine that actually caught the guy and turned him over to the cops.”

“Once again, you’re part right. Excuse me, if you will.” Sapphire got up and hurried off-stage.

Vicki turned to Sapphire’s date. “And you, Marco. While we’re waiting for Miss Samuels to return, tell us about yourself. I understand you’re quite the artist.”

He smiled and nodded. “Yes ma’am. My family and I own a custom car shop in Bootstrap. I handle almost all of our custom airbrush work.”

“How exciting and do you have an excerpt to share?”

“Oh yes indeed, ma’am. Cambio wanted me to be sure to read it.” He picked up his notes, cleared his throat and began to read.

The movie was just okay, pizza with the other couple was fun and finally, they ended up alone in his car. They made out for a few minutes and then, he pulled back. His face, in the moonlight, was troubled.

“What’s the matter, Roger?”

“You know, I really like you and I’m really happy you’re with me. Right?”

“Yeah… and what are you getting at?”

“Saph, I get the feeling you’re not really here. That you’re really tense and worried and… I dunno… Maybe I’m doing something wrong.”

She sat back in her seat and looked away for a moment. “I’m sorry. I know I should relax and try to be sexier, but I just don’t feel it.”

“Is it me? My looks… Or am I doing something you don’t like?”

“I don’t know. I enjoy your company but I just don’t feel comfortable for some reason. I’m sorry. Maybe you should find another date for the prom.” As soon as she said it, she knew he was both hurt and pissed.

“Yeah. You’re right. Maybe I should.” He started the engine and drove to a nearby convenience store.

“Why are we stopping here? You want a drink?”

“No. I’m fine. Just fucking fine. My girlfriend just dumped me two weeks before the prom and I’m just fucking fine. Get out.” He hadn’t raised his voice, but the tone scared her.

“Hey! We’re five miles from my place. Just take me home and we can talk about it tomorrow.”

“No need for any more talking. You’ve been teasing me for the last month and I’ve had enough. Just get the fuck out of the car. You got a phone. Call your mom. I’m heading back to town.”

She was close to tears. “Come on, Roger. I know you’re mad, but this is the middle of nowhere. It’s not the best place for a girl to be alone at eleven at night.”

He got out, came around to her side, and opened the door. “Get the fuck out, now!”

She stood up beside the door and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Please don’t do this.”

He grabbed her hand and yanked her out of the way, and slammed the door.

“Ouch! What the hell was that for?” Suddenly, she wasn’t as hurt as she was angry.

He swung around and slapped her face, his arm returning for a backhand when she stepped aside, grabbed his wrist and yanked. Roger stumbled forward, banged his chin on the roof of the car and her elbow caught him hard in the rib cage. With a yelp, he stumbled away from her.

“You fucking bitch!”

Stepping away from the car, she balanced herself just as he reached out again. She slapped his hand aside and his face took on a mask of pure fury. He rushed in, punching at her face and she spun his attack aside, snapping a kick to the side of his knee as he passed. He yelled and tumbled over the rough gravel. When he got back up, his face was bloody, the shoulder of his shirt was torn and he was limping. Muttering obscenities, and without waiting for another round, he stumbled around the car, got in, hit the door locks and almost ran over her toes backing away.

She watched him peel out, scattering gravel. Then she heard someone clapping softly behind her.

The TV station theme music pics up just as he finishes. Shifter Born is still available from Red Rose Publishing!

The camera zooms back once more to show the whole stage and a shadow figure steps into the light. It’s a woman covered entirely in a flat black spandex body stocking. Only her hands and feet are bare and they might properly be called ‘paws’.

Vicki’s mouth drops open in just a moment’s shock, then she recovers. “Sapphire? Is that you?”

The figure strikes a pose with one hand on her hip. “Actually, this is Cambio, my cosplay alter-ego. Like a certain bat-creature, I think it helps to strike fear into the hearts of evildoers.”

The TV station theme music pics up again, louder this time.

“I’m afraid that’s all the time we have today, folks. But be sure to tune in, tomorrow, for some more interviews, chilling tales and a little contest. Be sure to check out Karen Michelle Nutt for another great Halloween treat.

She waves at the camera. “In the meantime, this is Vicki Adams wishing you and yours a happy and safe Halloween weekend.”


Good Breakfast!

September 19, 2010

We had a delightful breakfast at a local restaurant, this morning.
Bentley’s is a very nice place on Route 50, in Falls Church. The service was great and the manager even stopped by to chat for a few minutes.
Portions were larger than we expected and perfectly presented. If you find yourself in the area, it’s worth the stop.
They have a website with menus and detailed directions.