Misc. Stuff

From time to time, I’ll be posting tall tales, lyrics, and scripts. Opinions are welcomed, of course. Please keep in mind that these tales are all copyright 2018 by Anthony Stevens.

Tall Tales

Summer 1066 – A Bit of Medieval History

Storm Dragon – More Medieval History

The Long, Skinny, Flame-Spitting Car – A Hot Rod Legend

Jay’s Volkswagon-A Hot Rod Legend

Anything Fits -A Hot Rod Legend

A Valiant Race -A Hot Rod Legend

First Snow – Fairy Tale Erotica

Tinker’s Damn – Fairy Tale Erotica

Recommended Reading

A Classic Texas Tale

Lyrical Poetry

Gimme a Chance – Song Lyrics
Word Weaver – Song Lyrics
First Ties – Erotica


Marty Roberts is going through a stressful divorce when he meets a ghost. The script is free for the download.

The author hereby gives permission for non-profit organizations to perform this work no more than three times a year without paying royalties. Any other performances require payment and written approval. Request for-profit licensing information via email at: masteranthonystevens@gmail.com

Click the title or the image to download.

The eBook is available for less than a buck!



2 thoughts on “Misc. Stuff

  1. I loved this!!! Thank you for sharing it… You really should submit this to The Haunt at PNR, it’s Faery Tales Month, we could put a link up or post it in our files section!!! I’d love to promote it.

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