Creative Commons Film Group

If you have any interest at all in creating independent video productions, then you need to check out this new group. By independent productions, I mean anything from a simple book trailer to a full-length movie. The Creative Commons Film Group is dedicated to using Free and Open Source tools to help visual artists achieve … More Creative Commons Film Group

Been Busy!

This past weekend, I was visiting friends in State College, PA. We drove around a bit and I got a few pictures to share. Here’s the link to just a few of them. We also went to see Hellboy II and it was a lot of fun. Although the first one had a bit of … More Been Busy!

Quickie Reviews

I must admit to an addiction… I love to pick up those really cheap DVDs in the discount houses. About once a month, for example, I’ll stop in Wally World and dig through thier $5 bin in the back. With that in mind, I’ve started to get a pretty eclectic collection. Here’s a brief list, … More Quickie Reviews