Libraries and eBooks

There has been a LOT of blogs, news articles, essays and flame wars on how eBooks are either A) Destroying the publishing industry or B) a new cultural wave that will revolutionize our society. Anyone who has chatted with me knows that I love the idea of eInk technology. I’m looking forward to getting a … More Libraries and eBooks

Great quote!

This weekend, I was poking around a thrift shop (as I’m wont to do) and picked up a handful of cheap paperbacks. They were all books I have read before, but since they are so good and so cheap, I decided to reread and then pass them on to some deserving friends. One of them … More Great quote!

Book Wars

Those of us that love small bookstores have been griping about the way the big chains have been driving them out of business for awhile now. In a way, it is gratifying to see the big chains are now trying to kill off their competitors. From this MSN article: “Barnes & Noble is really complicit … More Book Wars

Censorship in Boston

It seems the Boston free WiFi downtown isn’t so free. Here’s what one person found while attempting to use their network. From his article: “Disturbingly, I could not access many government web sites that inform me of my rights and responsibilities as a citizen, the punishments for various crimes, or available government services.” You can … More Censorship in Boston