First Ties

Lyrical Erotica

Male Voice in blueFemale voice in green and both in black

(to the tune of Greensleeves)

Naked, she stands at the foot of our bed
Wordlessly turning she offers her hands
One scarf is blue and the other is red
Carefully now I tighten the bands
Oh so carefully now I tighten the bands

Should I trust him? I don’t really know.
It means so much to him; I love him so.
Will she surrender? Are fantasies allowed?
Will she submit to me as avowed?

Another soft scarf encircles my face.
It pulls the room from my sight.
My wedding night was all satin and lace.
But he needs me in bondage tonight.
Oh yes, he needs me in bondage tonight.

Bent like a bow, my breasts are outthrust,
Almost a prayer, a soft moan from my lips,
Helpless from love, passion and lust…
I run my hands over her hips.
Oh yes, so gently carressing her hips.

This fantasy woman lies wrapped in my love.
The truth is she’s mine when push comes to shove.
His passions enslave him when brought to the light.
I want ropes for my pegnoir tonight.
Oh yes, Give us ropes for a pegnoir tonight.