First Snow

Fairy Tale Erotica 

She stood in the doorway, half in, half out and relished the sensation of huge, fluffy snowflakes caressing her forehead, nose and the upper curve of her breasts. The thin, dark blue satin dress was threadbare in spots, but clean and although long, it molded itself to her body and the neckline was cut low enough to barely cover her nipples.

The roaring fireplace had the small cabin glowing with warmth, while the crisp, crystal cold air made her breath visible.

She was just starting to get chilly, her nipples hard knots, forming small tents under the thin material when she heard the gang approaching. It made her smile.

The short, sturdy forms were warmly dressed and joking among themselves as they trudged the deepening snowdrifts.

“Welcome home.” She stepped back from the cold and held the door as they stamped their feet on the stone steps and smiled their greetings. Even the normally dour expression on the pessimist of the gang, granted her a fleeting smile as his eyes came even with her breasts and the room light caught the outlines of her pert nipples. She caught his stare and his smile and blushed as she closed the door.

“I won’t have you all getting your death of cold. Get out of those damp furs, right now. There’s a pot of sizzling stew simmering by the fire and some crusty bread on the table.”

The white-haired elder of the gang hung his fur cloak on the wall hook with his name and started to peel out of his soggy woolens. “What about you, lass? ‘Tisn’t very fair that we’re to dine in the nude, while you remain clothed.”

Her grin was mischievous. “When I’m done hauling all your work clothes to the storeroom, so I can wash them, tomorrow, I’ll join you, Sir.”

Scant moments later, the seven nude men, ranging from the aforementioned elder, to a rather clumsy youth, had dried themselves and had donned simple soft woolen robes. Since it was so very warm in the cabin, most of them had left the robes unbelted.

The raven-haired beauty slipped back into the room and took her place at the remaining seat, on the end of the table.

“Aren’t you forgetting something, lass?” The elder asked with a soft smile.

“Oh! Sorry…” She put down the bowl she was going to fill from the kettle, stood back and blushed as she peeled out of the snug satin dress. Her glistening blue-black locks of hair were echoed in color by the soft, triangular patch between her legs and the soft light did nothing to hide the deep red of her lips and the taunt berries on her breasts. “There, Sir… I trust this meets with your approval?”

She couldn’t help but notice how they all paused for a moment to stare and to wiggle in their seats as seven erections peeked from their robes.

“Oh yes….” The elder thought to himself. “Desert is going to be delicious tonight.”