Gimme A Chance

I woke up one morning at 2am, with the chorus and about half these lyrics tearing through my mind. I started writing them down and less than an hour later, this was done. I knew from the start, how the tune was going to sound. Before it slipped away forever, I recorded it. If you’d like to hear my acapella rendition, send me an email at

Copyright 2010-2018 by Anthony Stevens

Gimme A Chance

[spoken slow]

Sometimes, you jes gotta gimme a chance

[steady, driving beat]

Friends an’ family grin an’ laugh
At the awful sounds comin’ outta th’ bath
A basement mike an’ nobody’s home
Ah’m learnin’ time with a broke metronome
Whisper gimme a chance
Oh yeah gimme a chance

Interstate miles go whizzin’ on by
The radios off but ah’m feelin’ high
At th’ sound of th’ drumbeat on the wheel
And th’ musical notes that only ah feel
Jus’ gimme a chance
Oh yeah, gimme a chance

First by a campfire, then in a bar
Then to the passengers in my car
Finally ownin’ th’ tune between my ears
Enjoyin’ the sound ’cause it’s taken years
Singin’ gimme a chance
Oh yeah, gimme a chance

You see th’ music’s locked up deep inside
I cannot run an’ I cannot hide
It ain’t fortune or fame
But escapin’ th’ pain
Jus’ gimme a chance
Oh yeah, gimme a chance
Please, gimme a chance…