Ratatouille, the Movie

Well, I finally saw the Pixar animation, Ratatouille the other day and I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a pretty good family movie. I supposed I should get over being surprised at good films from Pixar, but it looks like they’ve found the secret to bringing CGI to life and making us laugh.

Which brings me to why I bothered to mention it here, where you’re used to seeing me rant about writing and an occasional geek moment. The answer is pure geek.

Throughout this movie, I was amazed at how well the modeled rat movements as well as the various textures of fur… wet, neat, groomed, shocked, etc. If you’re familiar with the process of 3D computer modeling of humans and animal, then you’ll know that getting the hair right is incredibly difficult. Not only do they have it right in a few closeups, but throughout the movie.

It’s worth a peek, friends.

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