Idiots and Cowards on School Boards!

The latest in the censorship stupidity at high schools is from Charleston, West Virginia. The school board just banned two more novels. I think my readers will enjoy the rebuttal letter to the editor that the author wrote.

In other news, I had a marvelous holiday weekend with old friends and am looking forward to spending some time with others, this week.

My writing has been a bit off, but I’m giving myself a bit of a break. I did get another couple thousand words on the new novel, so it is up to about 15k now. With any luck, the first draft will be done by Christmas. Some excerpts from it will be coming as I get a bit farther along.

I’ve been reading “1421 The Year China Discovered the World” and I must admit, it answers a whole lot of questions that have been bugging me ever since I was a tourist guide in Mexico City. I can also see how it is stirring up a firestorm of controversy among historians. If you are into history, I would recommend the read.

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