Cover Blurb

The fourth editing pass is now done on Guardian Dawn and I just finished the cover blurb. Tell me. Would this make you want to read it?

~ Cover Blurb ~

Enemies in our nation’s capitol plan to spread terror with multiple attacks and let our own fears push us into a blind panic. Their simple strategy just might succeed and cause far-reaching devastation!

Julius, a multi-talented sorcerer with military connections, must gather mechanical wizards, shamans and spirit guides and help them to understand their own abilities in just a few days, prior to these multiple attacks. His military associates are skeptical, only a few of the team have any real appreciation for this hocus pocus stuff and besides… using cats and birds to save the Nation’s Capitol wasn’t on their holiday schedule.

His team of several elderly, homeless folk, three teenage girls, a middle-aged hot rodder, coyotes, ravens, cats, a sniper, a biker couple and a stripper suffering from multiple personality syndrome are all thrown into a series of deadly battles.

Beautiful scenery, loving relationships and heartfelt friendships serve as a counterpoint to horrible scenes of graphic personal abuse and widespread destruction. This novel is not for the faint-of-heart.

2 thoughts on “Cover Blurb

  1. This may be too late but I’d like comment anyways (^_^)

    The first 2 paragraphs are fine however the third contains such a long list. Is it possible to shorten it a bit?

    My fav part, “a stripper suffering from multiple personality syndrome.” Now that is something I’d like to read!

  2. Thanks for the feedback. Upon re-reading it myself, I agree. I’ll have to rework that list a bit, before it goes to a publisher.

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