Quickie Reviews

I must admit to an addiction… I love to pick up those really cheap DVDs in the discount houses. About once a month, for example, I’ll stop in Wally World and dig through thier $5 bin in the back. With that in mind, I’ve started to get a pretty eclectic collection.

Here’s a brief list, along with my Not-So-Humble-Opinion rating system. Top score is five:

  • My Cousin Vinny  – Excellent comedy – 3
  • Running Man –  Good SciFi staring the Governator – 3
  • Big Trouble in Little China – CLASSIC action/comedy – 5
  • Leap of Faith – Another classic – 4
  • Fifth Element – Good SciFi – 4
  • The Girl Next Door – Sophmoric Comedy, but fun – 3
  • Independence Day – Classic SciFi – 4
  • Secretary – Mainstream BDSM and Dom/sub – 3
  • True Lies – Fun action movie – 4

I’ll be adding more to these as I go along.

One thought on “Quickie Reviews

  1. I love the film Secretary! It’s quite mild, but funny – and raises some issues not usually seen on mainstream telly .

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