New Computer!

After the bills were paid, I figured it was time for a belated present to myself. My current computer is a six year old model and although I’ve updated it with lots of hard drive space and memory, there are some obvious problems.

So, on Friday, I ordered parts to build myself a new system. The dude in brown is supposed to deliver the boxes today!

Now, I can tell from the ways your eyes are glazing over, that the rest of this may not be your cup of tea. But just for the rest of the geeks in the crowd, this is what my new system is going to look like:

  • AMD 64bit Dual Core CPU  2.1Ghz
  • ASUSMotherboard
  • 2Gb of RAM
  • 500watt power supply
  • 500Gb SATA hard drive
  • 500Gb IDE hard drive

It will be running Kubuntu Linux 7.10 with my usual suite of open source applications.

One thought on “New Computer!

  1. Wow – Sounds like a super cool system to me. My hard drive gave out on Monday. Yikes – I was lucky to get everything transfered over to another computer on our network. Then my hubby and I took a fun trip to the local computer products store. One of those that sells OEM software and the boxes have no cutsy packaging.

    I got myself upgraded 🙂

    2GB of Memory from 1GB
    New Operating System
    And a 200GB Hard Drive – not as much as yours, but it will do me for a while.

    oh – Ya – I’m a geek.


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