Convention Swag

I have been working on a series of book thongs to use as promotional items at conventions and book signings. Since my first novel, New Ickford Manor has a medieval theme, this is the first sample:

In the Viking tradition, Thor guarded the world with his mighty hammer, Mjööllnir which means crusher or destroyer. Thor’s Hammer was used by Vikings and later by many others as a piece of jewelry.

Those wearing it believed it would protect them from danger. An iron Thor’s hammer excavated in Yorkshire was dated to ca. AD 1000 and bears an unical inscription as well as a cross. This would indicate an owner blending both pagan and Christian symbols. Many similar ones in silver have been
found all over northern Europe.

It is well known that no person of any consequence has ever been struck by lightening while wearing a Thor’s Hammer.

One thought on “Convention Swag

  1. Looks awesome! I think it’ll make a wonderful swag and you put a lot of work into it so it’s a great first endeavor! 🙂

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