Back from BaltiCon!

Wow! That was FUN!
If you’ve never been to a Science Fiction and Fantasy convention before, I highly recommend it. There were dozens of lively panel discussions, several workshops and plenty of fun for everyone.

As usual, there were costumes aplenty and I managed to get a few pictures to share. Since there were a bunch of the images, a friend agreed to host them on another server for me. You can see them here:

BaltiCon42 – May 2008

We had a wonderful panel on Real Steampunk and I hosted two presentations on Open Source Software for Writers. Since I had a bunch of notes on MiniCD that I passed out to participants, it seems like it is only fair to share them with you as well. You can read the notes and the useful links, here:

BaltiCon Panel Notes

I also had a book signing for New Ickford Manor and it is now available as both an eBook and a trade paperback from Lyrical Press, Inc as well as Amazon, Borders, Barnes and Nobel and others.

I’m planning a kickoff contest this coming weekend and will post details in the next few days. There will be some neat prizes!

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