Back from BaltiCon!

May 26, 2008

Wow! That was FUN!
If you’ve never been to a Science Fiction and Fantasy convention before, I highly recommend it. There were dozens of lively panel discussions, several workshops and plenty of fun for everyone.

As usual, there were costumes aplenty and I managed to get a few pictures to share. Since there were a bunch of the images, a friend agreed to host them on another server for me. You can see them here:

BaltiCon42 – May 2008

We had a wonderful panel on Real Steampunk and I hosted two presentations on Open Source Software for Writers. Since I had a bunch of notes on MiniCD that I passed out to participants, it seems like it is only fair to share them with you as well. You can read the notes and the useful links, here:

BaltiCon Panel Notes

I also had a book signing for New Ickford Manor and it is now available as both an eBook and a trade paperback from Lyrical Press, Inc as well as Amazon, Borders, Barnes and Nobel and others.

I’m planning a kickoff contest this coming weekend and will post details in the next few days. There will be some neat prizes!


One Response to “Back from BaltiCon!”

  1. AcidSam said

    Congratulations on the signing; I can hardly wait to get my copy of New Ickford Manor!!

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