Guardian Dawn Has a Fan!

It was really nice to get these comments from Fawn in email the other day. She had a problem downloading and had to get with the publisher to work it out. Here’s what she sent me:

I was initially …I admit, really, really cranky about it, (not you of course, the publishers) but the lady who wrote to me was really nice, Renee Rocco I think her name was, and they actually responded to my complaint with action, saying they are a new company and basically learning the ropes… which has left me really impressed.

I’m glad about that, because I read your book as soon as they made it available for me to download. It was pretty late at night here by that time so I’ve only made it about a third of the way through but I love it! And now that the publisher has worked out that little hick up, it won’t be a drama for me to get the following books, just a click of a button basically!

On to your actual story though, I just love it. Your writing is so easy to follow that you don’t even realize you’ve spent time reading it, which is just perfect…I actually got a surprise when I stopped reading and was thinking about what I’d read so far, I am up to the part where it’s been revealed what Mustafa and the terrorists plans are, and I was amazed. Honestly, in I think 41 pages you had set up so much I was blown away, it hadn’t been hard work to read at all.

At first when I read about Mustafa on the train looking at Betty as one of the virgins he might get in heaven, I thought you had just thrown that line in as a bit of random humour, and I thought it was funny, but well…random…but by page 41, I realized that there isn’t a wasted or random character in the story at all, and that wasn’t really random humor (still funny in an ironic kind of way though) and yeah…the set up is just brilliant, fast paced, precise…really really clever, especially how you managed to get the terrorists plans across without weighing it down and making it a tough read. I can’t wait to keep reading tonight!

It’s got that light hearted, ‘literary snackfood’ feel that is about all I have time to read, but it has the depth and clever plot that I often wish I could find in ebooks and haven’t until now. I love it. You have a devoted fan in me already hahahaha. I’m sorry things got a little dramatic initially, but you and your publishers are a class act, especially your quick response today. I think it could be a good thing this has happened though, because now they’ve ironed out that little wrinkle.

It just seemed like such a shame, I mean, your marketing was spot on, it pulled me in straight away, your site is just fantastic! I am looking forward to going back and exploring it in more depth! And of course, you story is just brilliant.

I was so surprise when the plot unfolded to include terrorists (I’m actually studying a degree in Political Science hehe so yeah, that really appealed to me) Here I was, thinking I was just going to treat myself to a bit of well written smut, and it’s turned into something so much more! I really really love it, and that’s only after 41 pages…imagine what I’ll be like when finish it.

Thank you very much for the kind words, Fawn. I hope you’ll enjoy the next three tales that will round out my corner of the Common Ground universe.

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