Two Great Reviews for Guardian Dawn!

I was just notified of not one, but two great reviews for Guardian Dawn, the first book in the Common Ground series.

Sarai, over at Bitten by Books had this to say:

“I have to say Anthony Stevens had me doubting for a bit that he could pull this off, but boy did he deliver.” – She gave it four out of five tombstones.

Stephanie B. over at Fallen Angels Reviews had this to say:

“Part of the group can communicate with animals and part of the group can work miracles with technology, but only by working together will they be able to defeat the terrorist bent on destroying the American way… Guardian Dawn: Common Ground Book 1 by Anthony Stevens is an interesting look at how a group of mismatched civilians with unusual talents can bring down terrorist plots.”

2 thoughts on “Two Great Reviews for Guardian Dawn!

  1. The second story in the Common Ground series will be released in eBook on September 17th. At the same time, a trade paperback will be released that contains both Guardian Dawn and Guardian Noon.

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