A Music Review

Normally, I don’t comment on music since I don’t know that much about it.

Your friendly neighborhood geek was at a lovely party last night and was given a CD of homemade tunes. These are my impressions at first listening.

Although hesitant, I must admit, I’m predjudiced in favor of any album that starts with an announcer saying, “You want to make people’s heads explode? Sure! We all do!

Gojira is the first cut and it starts a bit ragged, but then settles into an enjoyable series of progressions.

The second cut is called Fiareduc and is very mellow. I liked it a lot!

Toontime is next and it hit me with a kind of upbeat 80’s flashback feeling. The term ‘jaunty’ comes to mind as this would go well as a club dance number.

Fretless is addictive. I found myself listening to it several times, just to get a handle on the hypnotic themes. Later on in this tune, I was reminded of some of Uriah Heep’s early work. This would be a fine soundtrack for a sword and sorcery video.

The last track is mEnsoleille’. And once again, I was reminded of the classic Magician’s Birthday Album. The tune is good, but like a lot of us Olde Phartes, I equate buzzing sounds with distortion and I found that component distracting. I realize we’re in the minority since a lot of modern tracks use distortion effects to great commercial success.

Overall, Mercator.Skep is an enjoyable CD and it’s got a place in my car’s CD folder.

This musician deserves a wider recognition. I would recommend you take the time to visit Matt Kremer’s PopStarIndustries website and download all of his free tunes.

Thanks for turning me on to it, Matt!

2 thoughts on “A Music Review

  1. I’ve become acquainted with Matt Kremer’s free music postings via his website and have really enjoyed some of his older arrangements. Seems to find the music in so many places. Worth listening to again and again.

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