Holiday Book Reviews

I’ve read several good books recently and thought I would share my feelings on them.

“The Silver Ship and the Sea”
by Brenda Cooper and Published by TOR Books, Inc.

This is a very good YA coming-of-age piece that deals with bigotry and acceptance with an exciting and very well written adventure tale. The main thing I like about it is that it is character-driven and told in the first person, from several viewpoints. I know some people don’t care for this style, but it is very easy to follow and works well for this stoy. It is an excellent start to a new series.

“Sister Time”
by John Ringo and Julie Cochrane and Published by Baen Books, Inc.

This is the nineth book in the Legacy of the Aldenata series and is just as exciting as the rest. If you enjoy military science fiction with lots of convoluted action, then this series is right up your alley. Although you can read Sister Time as a stand-alone, I would highly recommend reading at least the first three books in sequence. They are “A Hymn Before Battle”, “Gust Front” and “When the Devil Dances”. All of them are available in mass market paperback or as ebooks from Baen. Many of them are available as free downloads from the Baen promotional CD collection.


Now that I think about it, most of my favorite reads have been series. With that in mind, here’s a list of current series that I have enjoyed over the past few years. I’ll list just the first book in each series

“Dead Witch Walking”
by Kim Harrison and published by Harper Torch

Witches, Vamps, Pixies and all sorts of marvelous characters. This is a great series that just seems to get better with each new release. Stop by Kim’s website and learn more about this wonderful corner of the multiverse.

“On Basilisk Station”
by David Weber and published by Baen Books, Inc.

This is the first novel in the Honor Harrington series. If you enjoy great space opera with a very strong female lead, then look no further. These books are legendary. Once again, you can read many of these on the Baen free CDs or purchase the mass market paperbacks from your local bookseller.

“Shadow Game”
by Christine Feehan and published by Jove

A friend recently hooked me on Christine Feehan’s works. She is a prolific author and so far, I’ve read two of her series. Shadow Game is the first of her Ghostwalker books and is an intense urban fantasy read. It involves groups of genetically-enhanced people with various psychic abilities. Christine creates very believable characters who fight, feed, feel and make love ( you thought I was gonna use the ‘F’ word, eh?) in the modern world. I also want to recommend her Drake Sisters series. Good stuff, all of it!

One thought on “Holiday Book Reviews

  1. I can’t say enough about Christine Feehan! Her stories are intense and visual, lots of action with strong characters with passions that run very deep. Anthony probably got tired of “said friend” bugging him to read Feehan, it pays off though. The Ghost Walkers, The Drake Sisters, The Dark Series (The Carpathians) and The Leopard Series are all fantastic. Ms. Feehan has some excellent stand alone and novella works out there too, I highly recommend those. She has two wonderful Christmas short stories that are very powerful and embody the spirit of Christmas. Plus, The Lair of the Lion is a dark and gothic twist on Beauty and the Beast, did I mention passion?

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