Impressed, I am!

A Review of The Reluctant Dom by Tymber Dalton

Powerful. That is the very first word that came to mind after finishing Tymber Dalton’s novel in one sitting.

Several important items caught my attention as I was reading it. The first is that she got it right. This is decidedly not the Story of O or Claiming of Sleeping Beauty fantasy treatment of a dominate and submissive relationship. This is very close to the reality of a twenty four, seven, real-life situation. Congratulations on doing a lot of homework and making a fascinating sub-culture come alive for us, Tymber! The next highlight is believable characters. I found it all too easy to suspend my disbelief and think of the characters as friends from a popular fetish club.

The Reluctant Dom is an impressive work that deserves wide-spread recognition from within the bdsm community. Equally important is the fact it has a flow and continuity that is rare these days.

Lyrical Press has a winner with this one and finally, yes damn it, yes! I did cry at one point. Nobody can say The Reluctant Dom isn’t an emotional roller-coaster of a read. Bring a box of tissues and prepare to enjoy yourself.

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