As usual, the gathering of the Fen for Memorial Day weekend in Baltimore was more fun than a stoned ferret.

I was there on Friday and Saturday and sat in on a couple of panels as well as a signing and a reading. My thanks to those brave souls that put up with the first draft of a new short story.

There are three reasons why I love attending Science Fiction, Fantasy and Fetish conventions.

One: I love meeting fans, friends and other authors. They all help me to keep writing.

Two: As a photographer, there are always tons of eye-candy costumes running around, just waiting for the blink of a flash.

Three: There are always great deals to be had in the merchant area. I can never resist just a few new books, teeshirts, sharp jewelry and toys. Yes. I said “toys”. If you want to know more, just ask.

If you’d like to see some pictures, my friend Stan graciously let me share a gallery on his blog.You can see them here:

Email comments, kudos and tossed tomatoes are welcome as usual. Just send them to

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