Book Signing

Four of our brave authors gathered at The Parkside in Baltimore, on Saturday for a book signing and a wonderful gathering it was! Between bouts of riotous laughter, excellent beer and chilling tales from Romantic Times, Romance Writers of America, BaltiCon, Philcon, DragonCon and others, I managed to grab a few pictures.

ParksideSigning03In this picture, yours truly is in the Bettie Page shirt. Jean Marie Ward is strutting her stuff, D. Renee Bagbee was getting ready for a more mundane job and Stephanie Burke is dressed to kill as our hostess.

ParksideSigning02Sara started us all off right but her shift ended before ours. Thanks for the great DAB!

ParksideSigning01Before Jean Marie arrived, my lovely bride joined us for a group grope… er… Picture.

CrazedFansIn the midst of all the hubbub, our crazed fans were there to provide immoral support.

KindaPurty1Stephanie has a lovely garden in her front yard. This one caught my eye.

RobinsEggAll good things must come to an end and that too is usually an auspicious beginning!


One thought on “Book Signing

  1. Great pics. From a photo standpoint, I especially like the robin’s egg. Gorgeous color and clarity. From a personal standpoint, though, the people are tops. Cheers and smiles,

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