NaNo Day Two

Well, I managed to break six thousand words in the NaNo challenge this evening. It would have been better to hit my initial goal of eight thousand, but I got sidetracked.

It seems that there were several spots where my memory failed and I had to do some quick historical research. That led to adding a dozen more links to my note document. After adding text, two more characters and some historical quotes, I managed to double the size of Notes to more than fourteen pages. The good news there, is that once I have built these research tools, I’ll not have to revisit them very often. If I were to count the typing I did in those notes, I’m sure my final numbers would have been higher.

There was another pair of projects kept me busy for several hours. As I was describing the fictitious town of Tupole Rocks and the surrounding area, I realized it would be nice to have a map. More time was then spent on creating several graphic map files. I’ll add to these later on and they may show up in part, here. The other project was the first of several design drawings for the Cloud Dancer. More on that fine ship, later on.

At the risk of sounding like I’m whining, I woke this morning with a splitting headache and running nose. I truly hope this isn’t the start of the same plague some of my coworkers have endured, the past few weeks.

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