My Books

December 6, 2009

Shifter Run [NEW RELEASE]

Kimmy’s starlet sister died at the hands of a serial killer. Can a disgraced paparazzo and an ex-con biker keep her alive?


As a whole new world is revealed, can Sapphire’s inner beast shape a superhero? This is the second book in the shifter series that started with Shifter Born. Another great Red Rose Publication!

Cazy Taylor [NEW RELEASE]

Airships…intrigue…adventure! Just another day in the life of Crazy Taylor.

Bondage Anthology

From the quiet privacy of an old bookstore to a castle in the mountains, true love can form the strongest chains of all.

What amount of freedom would you trade for a lifetime of pleasure?

Shifter Born

Becoming an adult is scary. Even with fang and fur. This volume contains the first two stories in a new series of shifter tales with a twist.


5 Responses to “My Books”

  1. Hi, Anthony!

    Congratulations on your new book. The cover is gorgeous.

  2. Gary said

    Hi congrats on your new release(s)

  3. Ericka Clay said

    Came across your blog via Love the cover art for the new book and looking forward to reading your stories!

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