Cambio has been released!

Cambio is the name of the second book in the shifter series that started with Shifter Born.


The metallic, emerald green spandex mini dress came to just an inch or so below her crotch and with each step, a matching green satin thong glimmered in the shadows. Her long hair was like flames dancing around her head and makeup was minimal. A long, black silk scarf was tied around her waist and she stood on top of black platforms with at least six inch heels. She held a small, black patent leather clutch purse.

Martha broke the silence. “You look lovely, dear.”

Marco closed his mouth, swallowed and followed up. “Oh my, yes. You are just beautiful.”

Sapphire glanced down at the plastic box. “Here. Let me pin this on you, chula.”

Sapphire grinned as he fiddled with the shoulder strap of her dress. The simple act of pinning a corsage took a few minutes while his eyes had a hard time focusing on the flower instead of the ample cleavage and erect nipples just inches from his chest. She whispered so her mom couldn’t hear. “After I tried this dress on, I decided an extra couple of inches wouldn’t hurt the image tonight. I hope you approve.”

His eyes snapped up to meet hers and the poor fellow was almost drooling. “You look fantastic. Of course I approve.”

Marco held the door while she kissed her mom goodnight.

Martha also had to whisper something. “Sometime soon, you’re going to have to show me how you hid a pushup, padded bra in that dress.”

Sapphire just hugged her and then Martha shooed them off. “You two get out of here. Go have a great time and drive carefully.”

Get your copy of this great read at Red Rose Publishing.

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