Shifter Run Cover Art!

Shifter Run is the third book in my popular series of Otherkin tales. It will be release October 21st and I just received the cover art.

Kimmy’s starlet sister died at the hands of a serial killer. Can a disgraced paparazzo and an ex-con biker keep her alive?

Here’s an excerpt:

Kimmy didn’t really trust cops. The radio report stating they had a suspect seemed just like more spin to her. She knew the local kin were looking too, so maybe they would have more luck.
She was the only one left in the big house with the pool. The rest of the family had taken her sister’s body back to the coast for a fancy, Hollywood funeral with lots of media and photo ops for the stars. Kimmy just wanted to sit by the pool and try to remember the sound of her sister’s voice.
Something smelled wrong.
One of the things that made her a bit different from the rest of the kin was the fact that every time she shifted, her senses remained sharper than most humans. The fact she also loved the taste, smell and scent of most types of blood was just a bonus in her book.
Cautiously, she walked over to the hedges that shielded the view from the road. Kimmy stretched, and hoped whoever was watching was enjoying the sight of her in a rather conservative one piece, black swimsuit. She slowly turned, worked her way through some basic tai chi moves and finally, she saw him. Just a shadow in the tree line above her. Probably the same spot where Mr. Busher had taken his original photos. Pretending a yawn, she slipped back inside and as soon as she was out of his sight, she ran to the garage, stripped and shifted into a black panther. It wasn’t native to these parts, but she had no intention of being seen.
Three minutes later, the giant cat was slipping noiselessly through the game trails above the house. She smelled him and he smelled like a normal human, although one that could use a bath. He was sitting on a log, nursing a small, smokeless fire and heating something in a camp pot.
The panther dropped the scrap of cloth in her mouth, shifted back to the slender young woman and slipped on the swimsuit. Kimmy stepped out from behind the trees.
“You know, they’re looking for you.”

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