Free Holiday Projects

Recently, I’ve gotten very involved with cardstock modeling. One of my projects is making a holiday ornament or three out of cheap cardstock I run through my inkjet printer.

There are many sites on the web that offers free downloads that you can print, cut out and assemble. It you’re a teacher, these kits make great classroom projects. Here’s a few links to get you started.

Canon Printers has a huge collection of free paper art downloads:

Here’s the Christmas collection from Delta 7 Studios:

The more advanced paper modeler (or less lucid) might wish to give this project a try:

Advice, tips and links to thousands of models can be found on the PaperModelers Forum:

I hope this gets your creative juices flowing!

May you and yours enjoy a happy and safe holiday season!

2 thoughts on “Free Holiday Projects

  1. Had to leave a comment to say THANKS!

    This is a fantastic idea for my Biology and Environmental Science classes. My students prefer hands-on, but we’re perpetually short of hands-on projects (since most of the components are expensive and expendable). What we do have, though, is a well stocked graphic arts / print shop class, and 110 pound card stock is cheap, so…

    I haven’t found any that work just right for my classes yet, but now that I’ve got the idea, I’m certain that I can find some for Enviro-Sci and the Biochem section of Biology.

    Thanks again!

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