Joe Bethancourt Needs Our Help!

This is a call for help to all the friends and fans of Joe Bethancourt.

As reported by Robert Zucker:

On Saturday, April 30th, Joe’s home in Phoenix was heavily damaged by fire. Joe, his wife Cher, their rescued animals and Joe’s instruments all made it out safely. The house will have to be completely rebuilt.

A Benefit Concert will be held on Saturday, May 14th from 1pm to 4pm in the Big Room at Fiddler’s Dream in Phoenix to help Joe and Cher with living expenses while the long and involved process of getting the house rebuilt takes place. Admission to the event will be a requested minimum donation of $10.

We need you, Arizona’s music community, to:

1. Volunteer to play 2-3 songs
2. Volunteer to help at the event
3. Tell all your fans that they should attend this event
4. Tell other musicians who have not received this e-mail about the event

ALL PROCEEDS from the event go to Joe and Cher Bethancourt. The folk’s at Fiddler’s Dream arranged for the room and AMAZ Radio will cover the cost of renting the room as a donation.

If you want to play or volunteer at the event, e-mail Mr. Zucker at

To make this event a success we need all of you to use your own promotional resources to spread the word and get your fans and friends to attend.

To those of you who are in the media and are receiving this note; please do what you can to get your media resources to help publicise this. Tell other people in the media about it. Mr. Zucker is available to answer questions from any media outlet.

Many have filked his tune, True Story, about the FBI investigation of the society in the 70s.  I’m sharing this in my blog as he was a huge influence on myself and others in the early days of the S.C.A.

Ioseph of Locksley, mundanely known as Joe Bethancort..


Joe Bethancourt is an Arizona treasure. He is also a friend. Let’s show Joe and Cher that we are the friends and the music community they can count on in a time of need. Thanks for your help.

Robert Zucker
AMAZ Radio
P.O. Box 1554
Queen Creek, Arizona 85142



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