Inspiration: Kids

While at lunch in a busy buffet, I was people-watching. There was a lady at an adjacent table with two kids. One was a little boy, I’m guessing six or seven years old. His sister was a bit older, probably ten or so.

The boy got up and started marching towards the food with an exaggerated goose-step and swinging of arms. His mom caught him as he passed and quickly whispered some probably sage advice. He nodded and kept on his way, rolling his eyes as soon as she turned away.

He cruised between the food bars and his sister got up and followed him. She caught him, bent over and obviously gave him a sisterly tongue-lashing. He frowned and jerked his head in a quick nod, turned away and got his plate.

His sis watched him start to get some food, then spun on her heel, shrugged her shoulders and gave an exasperated roll of the eyes while on her way back to her meal.

I had to smile at this. There will come a time when I will write that scene into a novel.

What about you? Do you like to people watch and then assign your own stories to the visual cues that are so common around us?

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