You Have a Story?

Everyone has a story. The difference is whether one wishes to take the time and trouble to share their story. At one point or another, every author is approached with some variation of the following… “I’ve got this great idea for a story that is sure to make millions. How about I tell it, you write it up, and we’ll split?” Some authors will politely decline, saying they’re way too busy at the moment. Other authors will glare, shake their heads, and ignore the suggestion. I’ll admit to both responses, depending on how late it was and how many times that day, I’d heard the same offer.

We ALL have stories.

Unless you’re willing to pay an hourly wage for a published, professional author, and cover artist, it is just not worth their time. If you have a story that you want to share, tell it yourself. The following notes are for those brave souls willing to put the long hours into actually doing it. It ain’t easy; but it’s incredibly rewarding.

If I’ve not scared you off yet, then click this link and let’s get to it.

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