An Old Depot


It’s a rather calm weekend here. Went on a short road trip to get pictures of an old train station that had been abandoned, salvaged, moved, and restored by a local Polo Club. I love it when a bit of local history is preserved.

If you’re in the area, this is located on Bridge Road, Hobe Sound, Florida.


Still reading Hot Gate by David Weber and Linda Evans. This time, I’m actually working on some notes as I think it is a good subject for an article on world-building.


I’ve two articles in mind that so far, exist only as plot-bunnies. With any luck, I should get to the first one, tomorrow.
One of them is the discussion on world-building using Hell’s Gate as an example. It may become a bit complex.
The second plot-bunny is of a political nature and will require some serious consideration. I’ve actually made an aborted attempt at it twice in the past. Third time should be the charm.

Stay tuned, y’all!

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