Democrats vs Republicans

This morning, I saw a Facebook meme with a Democrat / Republican comparison list that asked “Where do you stand”. While simplistic, I thought it warranted an honest and considered reply. Here are my feelings on those questions.

Abortion is between a woman and her doctor. Not the government.

Both Socialism and Capitalism in their pure forms are evil, for different reasons. All countries currently claiming Socialism or Communism are merely thinly disguised dictatorships. Any functioning government must combine features of each. A limited form of Capitalism is needed to give incentive for people to work and plan for the future. A limited form of Socialism is needed to provide public services such as highways, social safety nets, firetrucks, ambulances, etc.

Atheism as well as religion is an individual preference and any government needs to be logical and secular. A total separation of church and state is required. The last time the church was in complete control it was called the Dark Ages. There have been more than 600 named deities in recorded history, but don’t worry, yours is the only real one.

Marriage should be between any two humans that want to live together and support each other. It is none of the government’s business what sex they are.

An armed society is a polite society. When you take away individual gun rights, you are only disarming honest folks. Criminals don’t care about such laws. Mexico and Chicago are excellent examples of gun-free zones.

A flat 10% real-time transfer fee on EVERY financial transaction over $100 would address the federal government needs and abolish the IRS. NO exceptions for any organization. Keep it simple and fair for everyone.

Deport illegals when caught. If they break our laws, then prosecute the same way we handle our Criminals, with the same right to representation. Children separated due to arrest must be kept in the same county as their parents, allowed to visit parents, and reunited immediately upon repatriation or release.

A state-issued ID or driver’s license should be presented when voting. If someone isn’t smart enough or too lazy to acquire either of those within 30 days of voting, then they aren’t competent to vote.

All law enforcement officers should wear bodycams during duty hours. And all footage should be publicly available. This includes ICE, TSA, and Border Patrol.

Obamacare was poorly written, but the answer is not to give more money to the obese pharma companies. A national free healthcare system for every citizen needs to happen.

As you can see, I am not 100% on either side of the aisle, but do lean towards the current Democrats

From a financial standpoint, the current trend towards destroying the middle class while enriching the wealthy is insane.

From a social standpoint, the government needs to stay out of the bedroom and doctor’s office.

I’m really concerned that polite and reasonable discourse seems to be lacking on both sides of the aisle.

I’d be happy to discuss details on my reasoning for these comments if you wish to leave a question in the comments.

And of course, I realize this is just my not so humble opinion, your mileage may vary.

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