Happy Holidaze!

Here in the United States, we are celebrating the holiday of Thanksgiving.


With that in mind, I’m going to take a moment to reflect on things I’m thankful for this holiday season.

I’m relatively healthy and surrounded by a loving family.

I just returned from a ten day vacation where I met a cousin that I was unaware existed and to hear tales of a previously-unknown branch of the family. Here’s a shout-out to Connie and Danny.


This vacation was also a chance for me to take more than 1100 photos. Including this marvelous shot of fog and shadows, taken from the parking lot of Clingmans Dome, NC.


After more than a year, I finished the edit and release of the trade paperback of my omnibus space opera, Multiplarity. It is available directly from Lulu printers right now and should be on shelves at B&N within the next six weeks.


I’m also thankful to be a part of the False Key family of authors. Somewhere South of Cinco can be ordered online or autographed copies can be had at Poetic Justice Books and Arts in Port St Lucie, Florida.

I’m also thankful that I find myself working on two entirely different projects for the next week or so. One is an article on card stock modeling and the other is a short story for an urban fantasy anthology that will be released this coming year.

Despite all the insane politics, this has been a pretty good year and I’m looking forward with a smile.

Thank you for reading this far and I want to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season!

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