REVIEW: Dear Miss B

An established poet by the name of Dominic Albanese has written a book called “Dear Miss B”.

It’s not a giant tome but rather, a series of brilliant glimpses into the turmoil of the 60s.
While I love epic novels in fiction, I prefer more concise biographical pieces and this fits the bill. I’ve read many autobiographies and most of the time, the actual person is lost amid all the mind-numbing trivia from their formative years. This is not the case with “Dear Miss B”.

Dominic’s letters, coupled with his thoughts while looking back more than fifty years, is an amazing and thought-provoking look at growing up and being a part of history.

It is obvious that some of this was difficult to relive and put to the page, but Dominic reveals much through gritted teeth. As a similar child of the era, I’ll admit to a few flashback moments that were both unsettling and yet ultimately, satisfying.

Thank you Dominic, for sharing your tale and I’m looking forward to the next book.

Dominic Albanese has written a book called “Dear Miss B” is sort of like saying a fellow called Hemmingway shared a little piece called “The Old Man and the Sea”. Yeah. It’s that damn good!

Copies are available at Poetic Justice Books and Art, in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

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