Distro Hopping

As most of my readers know, I’ve been using Kubuntu Linux for more than fifteen years.

Overall, I’m pleased with the latest 22.04LTS Kubuntu release. However there has been one annoying bug that I have learned has deeper issues.

Several times a day, I get a popup from the tray notifying me that the Firefox Snap update is coming soon. I can close this notice, but it pops up again a few hours later. This bug has been reported in several forums and multiple “fixes” are recommended. They all require a string of CLI commands that are modifying the basic update structure.

While researching this issue, I’ve found that many people are leaving the Ubuntu/Kubuntu (Canonical) community for other distros due to the fact Canonical is replacing the APT and DEB install and update processes with SNAP. Since they will be the only ones to control what applications are admitted to the SNAP system, they will end up being gatekeepers for all programs available for Ubuntu/Kubuntu.

SNAP is also responsible for slowing down loading of Firefox and some other programs.

There have been many discussions on this and after several hours of reading the pros and cons, I’ve decided to do a bit of distro hopping to test and select a replacement for my beloved Kubuntu.

So far, Linux Mint seems to be the top choice, but I’ll have to live with it for a few weeks on my laptop.

After working with my favorite applications on Mint, I will have to decide if that will be my new desktop or if I need to test another distro.


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