A Trilogy as Treasure

The Great Turning:Future Ages is the third book in a fine series and one of those rare literary gems that can make a reader smile, wince, cry, grind their teeth, and laugh out loud. Not once, but many times in the same novel.

The love shown by Zola, Ted, Russ, and their extended family is cause to smile.

A few extremely violent scenes are enough to elicit a wince.

The demise of some lovable characters will bring tears.

Corruption, greed, and violent psychotic behavior are sure to anger the reader.

And of course, from time to time, the reader will be forced to laugh at some happy scene.

While The Great Turning:Future Ages is a wonderful read, I would recommend reading the series in sequence, starting with The Great Turning:Book One.

If you enjoy post-apocalyptic science fiction, you owe it to yourself to get these books.


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