Three days and 11k Words

Well, I’m up to 11570 words in the National Novel in a Month challenge. Not sure I can keep the pace up, but since the last two weekends of this month are already reserved for family and friends, I have little choice.

The tale I’m working on is a modern urban fantasy thriller. I’m not sure if merging these genres will work for everybody, but I’m finding it a lot of fun. On one side, we have the fantasy aspects of dealing with the Fae and shamans. And, on the other side, we have physical, mechanical and cyber wizards. Here’s something to think about:

“What if?”

…The reason the Fae can’t abide cold iron is because technology has its own life force and it is a simple matter of evolutionary drives and territorial imperative? They really don’t understand each other.

…The manifestations of Fae and the man-machine bond are merely shamanic trance-states induced in rare individuals by specific audio-frequency vibrations and that these phantoms have their own memories and personalities based on a gestalt of their creators? Perhaps, there are a few people that become so familiar and focused on the machines that they unknowingly become wizards of mechanical lore. They are in some way, in harmonic tune with their creations.

…The true shamans of natural lore really are just students as many of them have avowed? And there exist people of deeper knowledge that guide and teach them? These rare sorcerers are comfortable communing with both the natural and the man-made. Many times, they are great masters and just as often, they are naught by referees in the eternal struggles.

And, as a final note, today… I’ve come up with a working title: Guardian Dawn

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