Guardian Dawn Prequel

One of the lead characters in “Guardian Dawn” is a fellow by the name of Harry Watson. The following tale takes place a few years prior to the start of the novel.


Harry was exhausted after two weeks of overtime, and now he had to wait for the boss. He was supposed to be relaxing over dinner, and laughing with his wife and daughter.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Mr. Watson.”

“No problem, sir. What’s up?”

“There’s no easy way to say this, but we’ve been ordered to downsize and your position is on the list. I arranged for a month’s severance, but today is your last day.”

“But… But…My mortgage is already four months late, we’ve no insurance, my wife was laid off six months ago and this is the only job-”

The manager could only shake his head.

Harry was used to listening to the radio, but wasn’t paying attention when it reported the gas line explosion. The news didn’t seem relevant until he turned the corner and saw the emergency vehicles blocking his street.

He stood on the sidewalk and screamed denial while the firemen held him back.

Five years later, Harry limped out of a capitol hill pub, almost broke and tired of listening to politicians mutter platitudes. It was almost sundown on a hot summer evening and he needed to walk and clear his head. That is when he noticed the raven, perched on the museum fence.

“Take care, friend.”

He stopped and stared at the garrulous bird. “Excuse me?”

“I said take care. There’s evil ahead.”

Harry was sure it had to be one beer too many. He nodded at the bird, gave it a polite thank you and continued on his way.

A woman with two small children crossed the street. Just as they got to his curb, a guy on a bicycle swerved, grabbed the woman’s purse and spun her to the ground. Harry didn’t stop to think, he jumped in front of the cyclist and punched him hard in the ribs.

After profuse thanks and dozens of questions from the cops, he was free to go. But where? For the first time in years, he felt useful again. When no one was looking, he slipped between some bushes and sat on a metal grating that felt like home.

When he looked up, the big black bird was still on the fence. “Thanks for the tip. My name’s Harry. What’s your’s?”


“Well now Raven, do you mind if I stick around and help you watch things for awhile?”

“We don’t just watch, Harry. We’re Guardians.”

Look for “Guardian Dawn” to be released on August 4th.

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